Healthy Eating

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a healthy life. Food is fuel for the body and so a well-balanced diet is necessary for us to function properly. 

Benefits of Healthy Eating

Eating a balanced nutrition can help prevent becoming overweight and obesity. It can also reduce the risks of many diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and cancer.

Healthy eating not only helps you feel good, but also look good. Good nutrition can lead to healthier skin and teeth. It also aids in muscle development and keeps the bones strong and healthy.

We are currently in a pandemic so it is important to have a well functioning immune system. A balanced diet can boost your immune system. Our bodies need the essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods in order to function properly.

What Diet is Best for Me?

Plate Method

The Plate Method is a simple way to get started. This method demonstrates what a balanced meal should look like on your plate. It starts with 1/2 of your plate filled with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 should consist of carbs, and 1/4 of the plate is proteins.


According to Miguel (2019), "The Mediterranean diet seems like an ideal nutritional model for cardiovascular health" (p. 779). This diet is high in whole foods and contains many fruits, vegetables, and grains. Most of the protein in this diet comes from fish, legumes, and nuts.


The Flexitarian diet is quite similar to the Mediterranean diet. The focus is mainly fruits and vegetables with whole grains as the main source for carbs. However, you have more options for proteins as it allows for animal meats such as chicken and beef.